Current Projects

The Wayfarer (working title): This is my NaNo novel. A few years ago when I was riding on the city bus, a character popped into my head. He was a veteran who wandered the US looking for people who could use magic. He had the ability to see if someone had magical potential (and he himself could use magic). I used that character and situation as my jumping off point for the contest. Currently about 80K words into it. I can see the end in sight and think I know how to get there, if not how long it will take.

Untitled YA Novel: When I was a kid I would daydream about a monster appearing out of nowhere at school to kidnap a girl (it was always the girl I had a crush on, whodathunkit?) and I’d be the only one with the wits and courage to follow it, go on a quest and save the girl. Now, using this curious magic known as writing, I can make that happen for young Dan. (Don’t worry, there are strong female characters and the “damsel in distress” holds her own quite well, if I do say so myself). When I finish the first draft of Wayfarer I’m going to go back to this one and get a draft done.

The Focus Tower (working title): Adult fantasy (not like that, perv). This story has been creeping along in fits and starts for about 12 years. Sometimes I think it’s not worth salvaging; other times I think it could turn into a pretty damned good story. In my mind I consider it “Active” so that’s why I put it here.


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