I am a husband, father, lawyer, lapsed musician and writer who lives in San Antonio. (Don’t hold that lawyer part against me.) This blog will mostly deal with fiction writing, though I may post other interesting (to me) stuff from time to time. For the sake of privacy I’ll stay away from family-related posts (except for the cover pic of my boys at the beach) and for the sake of civility I will stay away from political posts (even though I’m a political junkie). Anything law-related I post is my opinion only and not the opinion of my employer (who, thanks to Google, you could find out if you really tried). [Shameless plug: if you’re in San Antonio or South Texas and need legal advice, drop me a line!]

I generally enjoy writing fantasy and sci-fi, though I just recently decided I’d try some YA fiction. The YA is of a fantasy bent. I’ve dabbled in the occasional short story but I find I have a hard time coming up with compact story arcs.


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